Just Smile!

Be certain that you’re smiling… but just a ‘half smile’ – make it visible to those around you, but don’t be sporting a massive cheesy grin… make sure it’s not a ‘smirk’ either – an honest, genuine smile.

Now, as simple as that sounds, if you’ve never really been much for smiling in the past, you may think of yourself as smiling when in fact you aren’t – so, as silly as it sounds, get yourself in front of a mirror and do some practicing!

Welcome to Social Awesomeness!

Welcome to SocialAwesomeness.com the place to help get yourself in becoming a more social and fun person!

We’re all about helping you go from that shy guy or girl to someone that is more outgoing and social, and that being said, some of our content will be presented “in your face” – no pussy footing around trying to sugar coat things you should try and be doing. We curse, we swear, and we’ll tell it like it really is – but in the end, what we tell you does work – so take from our teachings and put things to work for you.

Not everything will suit you and your personality – that is why we don’t say our site is the only place you need to check out. Look for our site reviews, product reviews and friends links to see what else is out there and learn and experiment from a variety of sources.

Our site also covers a wide range of social improvements – from being able to mingle at an office party to getting a date with that special guy or girl (and being social throughout your date) – so we talk about sex, love, relationships, flirting and a whole lot more!