Stop With the Axe Bath

Seriously, stop it. there is absolutely no need what-so-ever to marinate in an Axe (or other body spray) bath before heading out to the bar to flirt with the ladies.

Stop with that stuff it’s just disgusting and a turn off to everyone around you.
Colognes are best experienced when the woman is up close to you and can get a subtle smell of what you’re wearing – that means a dab or two – not a bottle or two.

If you’ve been marinating in the axe bath and are just reading this – strip yourself down and have a shower (and be sure your shower gel doesn’t contain over powering scents as well).

Get a quality cologne and just put a couple of dabs on your neck. Be sure it isn’t a conflicting scent with any remnants of your body wash.

A Successful Conversation

Ninety-five percent of conversation should be about the other person… five percent about yourself.

Always be asking questions and create small talk – but make it fun small talk – if you’re at a social event or dating, be sure it’s flirting or even seductive small talk. When asking questions, be sure you’re not asking questions that end up with one-word answers – probe for some details and have that other person feel like you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Don’t forget to keep your body language in check and smile!

Get Rid of the Phone

I know, we live in a connected world, and everyone’s cell phone is a must have life-line, but too often we’re ignoring life when our face is buried in the phone.

Start with the small things — put the phone away when walking, ordering something, or otherwise interacting with someone. Strike up some simple conversation instead – even the over used, “what do you think of the weather” line is a place to start. After all, you’re here to learn to improve your social skills – and being buried in your phone isn’t the way to do it (unless you’re reading the latest SocialAwesomeness blog post).

Social Power Words

Review this list of social “power words” and come up with some examples of how to use them when in conversation.

Absolutely, Amazing, Approved, Attractive, Authentic, Bargain, Beautiful, Better, Big, Colorful, Colossal, Complete, Confidential, Crammed, Delivered, Direct, Discount, Easily, Endorsed, Enormous, Excellent, Exciting, Exclusive, Expert, Famous, Fascinating, Fortune, Full, Genuine, Gift, Gigantic, Greatest, Guaranteed, Helpful, Highest, Huge, Immediately, Improved, Informative, Instructive, Interesting, Largest, Latest, Lavishly, Liberal, Lifetime, Limited, Lowest, Magic, Mammoth, Miracle, Noted, Odd, Outstanding, Personalized, Popular, Powerful, Practical, Professional, Profitable, Profusely, Proven, Quality, Quickly, Rare, Reduced, Refundable, Remarkable, Reliable, Revealing, Revolutionary, Scarce, Secrets, Security, Selected, Sensational, Simplified, Sizable, Special, Startling, Strange, Strong, Sturdy, Successful, Superior, Surprise, Terrific, Tested, Tremendous, Unconditional, Unique, Unlimited, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Unusual, Useful, Valuable, Wealth, Weird, Wonderful.

If you have some fascinating examples, please share in the comments below!

A Blank Social State

When you walk into a bar/coffee shop, or other venue where people don’t know you, you end up being on display – and you never know who is watching, so walk in with a smile and confident body language.

The great thing about heading out to a bar or similar, is that you are a blank social state each and every time so it makes for a great opportunity to practice. In addition to your smile and body language, say hello or try to strike up a brief conversation with the first group you see.

If you’re at a bar, don’t hesitate to chat up the “wallflower” guys – it makes you look like you’re the ‘alpha’ or leader of those groups – male or female.

Failing and Succeeding

“I’ve failed over, over, and over again in my life. And that is why…..I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Think about that for a moment… Are you sitting in limbo right now – studying this web site and others – waiting until you feel you have it all mastered before you get out there and wow the world (or just the woman or man next door). Stop jerking yourself around – you need real world practice – including the experience of failures.

Get out there right now – today or tonight. Go for a walk and chat up the first person you see!